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The Forgotten

Snowy Forest

Not written yet, but I have an idea for a book partly based on my own family history.


My great grandfather Lauritz Louis Kronholm Jørgensen left his home in Nyborg, Denmark when he was still a teenager and went to Sea. He never returned and settled in South Shields, North east England where he had a family.


He was a cook in the Merchant Navy and took part in the terrifying Arctic Convoys during World War Two, but spoke little about his experiences or why he had left his homeland. Recently, I was contacted by a long lost cousin who has traced family across Scandinavia and it turns out that we have relatives in Denmark, Sweden and Norway; as well as a possible family branch in Brazil! 


My great grandad’s story has always fascinated me, and I’ve started to form a novel, partly based on my scandi ancestry which may or may not be written as The Forgotten. 

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